We use innovative DNA sequencing technology and original solutions for data interpretation to analyze your unique genetic code.
We can tell you who you are: your predisposition to different pathologies, your susceptibility to develop abnormal inflammatory processes, metabolic alterations, food intolerances and much more. We will help you understand how to improve your lifestyle and stay healthy.


How it works

  • Buy your genetic test

  • Activate your kit and run the test

  • Wait for your DNA to be read

  • Get your results

  • Find out more about netgenomics

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Our certified laboratories in Italy operate following high safety standard procedures. We treat your personal data in accordance with the principles of privacy, correctness, lawfulness and transparency established by art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679. Any personal information will be processed for the sole and exclusive purpose of performing the DNA test correctly. Your biological samples and genetic data are subjected to encryption techniques that ensure the highest levels of security and anonymity; they are stored in protected premises and managed by authorized personnel only.